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3 Functionality Requests

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#1 envoy98



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Posted 18 February 2008 - 11:29 AM

#1 The ability to access and use the site from a mobile device. I can think of nothing more valuable than to be able to pull up the site and look up a card while at a show. However since it uses a flash control (I'm assuming), I am unable to actually click on a card/brand once I get the search results.

#2 The ability to take and print a particular card in a particular grade, or range of grades with the last sale date. Ie. When I'm out shopping for HOF rc's at the Nationals, it would be awsome if I could take a printed list (by a grading company) that had line items like this:
1933 Sport Kings #12 Red Grange 1: $350; 2/13/07 2: 400; 12/1/06 3:550; 1/20/08 etc...
1966 Philadelpha #55 Gale Sayers 5:$75; 2/8/08...
etc. (maybe even include the average next to the last sales price.)

This way, if I'm shopping at a show, I can see quickly what I could expect to pay for a given grade and if I think a particular card is high end for the grade, how much more expensive that next grade up would be otherwise. Maybe this could even be added to, and/or generated off one of the "My Collection" pages. In that case, for cards you have in your collection that you are maybe looking to upgrade, you could provide a list of all the cards in the grade you own (For sale/trading purposes) and the same card in all the grades higher.

#3 The ability to upload a collection based on a spreadsheet rather than having to go in and search for and pick each card individually.

My situation isn't unique in that I don't collect whole sets. ie. 1955 Topps Baseball; but rather I collect NFL HOF RC's. So my years, brands and players are varied.

#2 jjworm



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Posted 21 February 2008 - 08:52 AM

I agree 100% percent with the above 3 points!

#3 Bobby


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Posted 21 February 2008 - 10:27 PM


We have been considering making a PDA application and will try to for the next National if we can. The last National we saw quite a few members accessing the site with an iPhone.


A great idea but really don't see how we could make it happen from a coding point of view. You can print out your Want Lists and make notes on them. Or better yet there is a notes section you can enter all the prices in there.


Has been requested before and something we have on our to-do list. But the main problem is all of your card numbers need to sync with ours for it to work.

We appreciate all comments and we have developed a lot of the site based on what the members request.


Bobby Binder

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