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Barry Larkin Baseball Cards

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Year Set Name Card # Variation Bid BIN Price Photo
1993Finest114AS  Pricing Available
1993Pinnacle Cooperstown Dufex26   Pricing Available
1993Pinnacle22   Pricing Available
1993SP15All-Star  Pricing Available
1993Score16   Pricing Available
1993Select23   Pricing Available
1993Stadium Club 1st Day Production415   Pricing Available
1993Stadium Club30   Pricing Available
1993Topps Black Gold11   Pricing Available
1993Topps Colorado Rockies Inaugural Year110   
1993Topps Florida Marlins Inaugural Year110   Pricing Available
1993Topps Gold110   Pricing Available
1993Topps110 Click to see Pending auctionsClick to see Pending Buy It Now listingsPricing Available
1993Upper Deck245   Pricing Available
1994Bowman's Best95   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1994Collector's Choice171   
1994Collector's Choice349   Pricing Available
1994Finest Refractors240Fin  
1994Finest240   Pricing Available
1994Panini Stickers163   Pricing Available
1994SP Die-Cut159   Pricing Available
1994SP Holoview Die Cuts Red23   Pricing Available
1994SP Holoview Red23   Pricing Available
1994SP159   Pricing Available
1994Select7   Pricing Available
1994Topps250   Pricing Available
1994Upper Deck269   
1994Upper Deck385   Pricing Available
1995Bowman's Best Refractors44   
1995Bowman's BestR25   
1995Collector's Choice430   Pricing Available
1995Dennys Classic Hits13   
1995Donruss241   Pricing Available
1995Finest Refractors96   Pricing Available
1995Flair339   Pricing Available
1995Score254   Pricing Available
1995Select Certified27   Pricing Available
1995Topps350   Pricing Available
1995Upper Deck405   Pricing Available
1995Zenith4   Pricing Available
1996Bowman's Best Mirror Image Refractors4Neifi  Pricing Available
1996Bowman's Best Preview Atomic RefractorBBP17   Pricing Available
1996Bowman's Best66   Pricing Available
1996Collector's Choice401   Pricing Available
1996Collector's Choice707   Pricing Available
1996Dennys Instant Replay Holograms13   
1996Finest Refractors167   
1996Finest Refractors319   
1996Finest Refractors7   
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