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Bombardier Wells Boxing & Other Cards

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YearACC # Set Name Card # Variation Bid BIN Price Photo
1911 Boys' Friend2   Pricing Available
1911 W.D. & H.O. Wills Boxers Green Stars & Circle Back Boxing34   Pricing Available
1911 W.D. & H.O. Wills Boxers Scissors Back34   
1912 Cohen Weenan & Co. Famous Boxers Green Back22   Pricing Available
1915 Cope Brothers & Co.4   
1915 Ogdens2   Pricing Available
1915 Susini Cuban Tobacco219   Pricing Available
1923 The Rocket5   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1923V137Williards Chocolate50   Stock Photo Available
1923V137Williards Chocolate51   Stock Photo Available
1925 Teofani & Co Magnums22   Pricing Available
1930 J.A. Pattreiouex Celebrities in Sport15   
1938 W.A. & A.C. Churchman Boxing38   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
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