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J.H. Taylor Boxing & Other Cards

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Year Set Name Card # Variation Bid BIN Price Photo
1900Cope Golfers22   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1901Ogden's Ltd. Guinea Gold-H Base475   Pricing Available
1901Ogden's Ltd. Guinea Gold-I Base475   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1901Ogdens Guinea Gold-C base475   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1902F & J Smith Champions Of Sport20   Pricing Available
1914Marsuma Co.17   Pricing Available
1914Marsuma Co.18   Pricing Available
1914Marsuma Co.25   Pricing Available
1914Marsuma Co.26Wrong way to address the ball  Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1914Marsuma Co.27   Pricing Available
1914Marsuma Co.28   Pricing Available
1914Marsuma Co.29   Pricing Available
1914Marsuma Co.30   Pricing Available
1914Marsuma Co.40   Pricing Available
1914Marsuma Co.41   Pricing Available
1914Marsuma Co.42   Pricing Available
1914Marsuma Co.43   Pricing Available
1914Marsuma Co.44   Pricing Available
1914Marsuma Co.45   Pricing Available
1923Cope Brothers & Co. Golf Strokes22   Pricing Available
1923Cope Brothers & Co. Golf Strokes23   Pricing Available
1923Cope Brothers & Co. Golf Strokes24   Pricing Available
1923Cope Brothers & Co. Golf Strokes25   Pricing Available
1923Cope Brothers & Co. Golf Strokes26   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1923Cope Brothers & Co. Golf Strokes27   Pricing Available
1923Cope Brothers & Co. Golf Strokes28   Pricing Available
1927WA & AC Churchman's (Golf Small)41   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1927WA & AC Churchman's (Golf Small)42   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1930W.D. & H.D. Wills20   Pricing Available
1931WA & AC Churchman Golf-Small39   Pricing Available
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