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John Stockton (Hall of Fame) Basketball Cards

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Year Set Name Card # Variation Bid BIN Price Photo
1988Fleer115 Click to see Pending auctionsClick to see Pending Buy It Now listingsPricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1988Fleer127All-StarClick to see Pending auctionsClick to see Pending Buy It Now listingsPricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1988Fournier32   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1988Kenner Starting Lineup72   Pricing Available
1988Panini Spanish Sticker175   Pricing Available
1988Panini Spanish Sticker273   Pricing Available
1989Fleer156   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1989Hoops140   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1989Hoops297   Pricing Available
1989Panini Spanish Sticker173   Pricing Available
1989Panini Spanish Sticker264   Pricing Available
1990Fleer All-Stars9   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1990Fleer189   Pricing Available
1990Hoops 100 Superstars93   
1990Hoops Superstars93   Pricing Available
1990Hoops25   Pricing Available
1990Hoops294   Pricing Available
1990Kenner Starting Lineup13Brown  Pricing Available
1990Kenner Starting Lineup13Yellow  
1990Skybox284   Pricing Available
1991Fleer203   Pricing Available
1991Fleer217   Pricing Available
1991Fleer221   Pricing Available
1991Fleer397TL  Pricing Available
1991Hoops McDonald's 60   Pricing Available
1991Hoops212   Pricing Available
1991Hoops312Magic  Pricing Available
1991Hoops584   Pricing Available
1991Panini Stickers81   
1991Skybox306   Pricing Available
1991Skybox539   Pricing Available
1991UD Award Winner Holograms3   Pricing Available
1991Upper Deck136   Pricing Available
1991Upper Deck470   
1991Upper Deck52   Pricing Available
1992Fleer All-Stars22   Pricing Available
1992Fleer Drake's51   Pricing Available
1992Fleer Total D 6   Pricing Available
1992Fleer227   Pricing Available
1992Fleer240LL  Pricing Available
1992Hoops His Ultimate Game Autograph    Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1992Hoops316   Pricing Available
1992Hoops326Kevin  Pricing Available
1992Hoops483   Pricing Available
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