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Manny Trillo Baseball Cards

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Year Set Name Card # Variation Bid BIN Price Photo
1975SSPC316   Pricing Available
1976O-Pee-Chee206   Pricing Available
1976Topps206 Click to see Pending auctionsClick to see Pending Buy It Now listingsPricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1976Wiffle Discs    Pricing Available
1977O-Pee-Chee158   Pricing Available
1977Pepsi-Cola Baseball Stars59   Pricing Available
1977Topps395   Pricing Available
1977Venezuela Baseball Stickers157   Pricing Available
1978Hostess69   Pricing Available
1978O-Pee-Chee217   Pricing Available
1978Topps123   Pricing Available
1979Burger King Phillies14   Pricing Available
1979Topps639 Click to see Pending auctionsClick to see Pending Buy It Now listingsPricing Available
1980O-Pee-Chee50   Pricing Available
1980Topps Burger King Phillies5   Pricing Available
1980Topps90   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1981Coca-Cola11   Pricing Available
1981Donruss22   Pricing Available
1981Fleer Star Stickers96   Pricing Available
1981Fleer3   Pricing Available
1981O-Pee-Chee368   Pricing Available
1981Topps Super Home Team    Pricing Available
1981Topps470   Pricing Available
1982Donruss245   Pricing Available
1982Fleer260   Pricing Available
1982O-Pee-Chee220   Pricing Available
1982Perma-Graphics All-Star    Pricing Available
1982Topps Stickers122   Pricing Available
1982Topps Stickers76   Pricing Available
1982Topps220   Pricing Available
1983Donruss294   Pricing Available
1983Fleer174   Pricing Available
1983O-Pee-Chee73   Pricing Available
1983Perma-Graphics All-Star    Pricing Available
1983Topps Stickers142   Pricing Available
1983Topps Traded116T   Pricing Available
1983Topps398All-Star  Pricing Available
1983Topps5Record Breaker  Pricing Available
1983Topps535   Pricing Available
1984Donruss575   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1984Fleer Update119   Pricing Available
1984Fleer289   Pricing Available
1984Fleer627   Pricing Available
1984Topps All-Star Glossy Set of 223   
1984Topps Stickers93   
1984Topps Tiffany180   
1984Topps Traded Tiffany121T   Pricing Available
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