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Rich Gossage Baseball Cards

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Year Set Name Card # Variation Bid BIN Price Photo
1972Puerto Rican League Sticker132   Pricing Available
1973O-Pee-Chee174   Pricing Available
1973Topps174   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1974O-Pee-Chee542   Pricing Available
1974Topps542   Pricing Available
1975O-Pee-Chee554   Pricing Available
1975SSPC156   Pricing Available
1975Topps Mini554   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1975Topps554 Click to see Pending auctionsClick to see Pending Buy It Now listingsPricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1976Hostess77   Pricing Available
1976O-Pee-Chee180   Pricing Available
1976O-Pee-Chee205   Pricing Available
1976Topps180   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1976Topps205   Pricing Available
1977Hostess128   Pricing Available
1977Topps319   Pricing Available
1978Burger King Yankees10   Pricing Available
1978Kellogg's8   Pricing Available
1978Topps70   Pricing Available
1979Burger King Yankees10   Pricing Available
1979Hostess48   Pricing Available
1979O-Pee-Chee114   Pricing Available
1979Topps225   Pricing Available
1980O-Pee-Chee77   Pricing Available
1980Topps140   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1981Donruss347   Pricing Available
1981Fleer89 Click to see Pending auctionsClick to see Pending Buy It Now listingsPricing Available
1981Kellogg's41   Pricing Available
1981O-Pee-Chee48   Pricing Available
1981O-Pee-Chee77   Pricing Available
1981Topps Stickers113   Pricing Available
1981Topps Stickers251   Pricing Available
1981Topps Stickers8   Pricing Available
1981Topps Super Home Team    Pricing Available
1981Topps Super National    Pricing Available
1981Topps460   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1982Donruss283   Pricing Available
1982Fleer37   Pricing Available
1982Kellogg's32   Pricing Available
1982O-Pee-Chee117   Pricing Available
1982O-Pee-Chee286   Pricing Available
1982O-Pee-Chee396   Pricing Available
1982Topps Stickers217   Pricing Available
1982Topps557All-Star  Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1982Topps770   Pricing Available
1982Topps771In Action  Pricing Available
1983Donruss157 Click to see Pending auctionsClick to see Pending Buy It Now listingsPricing Available
1983Fleer Stamps    
1983Fleer Stickers36   Pricing Available
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