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Ronnie Lott (Hall of Fame) Football Cards

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Year Set Name Card # Variation Bid BIN Price Photo
1982Topps Sticker120   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1982Topps Sticker141   Pricing Available
1982Topps486 Click to see Pending auctionsClick to see Pending Buy It Now listingsPricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1982Topps487In ActionClick to see Pending auctions Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1983Nike Poster Cards860   Pricing Available
1983Topps168 Click to see Pending auctionsClick to see Pending Buy It Now listingsPricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1984Topps Stickers65   Pricing Available
1984Topps357   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
198549ers Police42   
1985Topps NFL Stars5   Pricing Available
1985Topps156   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1986McDonald's 49ers42   Pricing Available
1986Topps168   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1987Ace Fact Pack    Pricing Available
1987Topps American/UK31   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1987Topps123   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1988Kenner82.5   Pricing Available
1988Topps51   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1989Panini Stickers166   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1989Parker Brothers Talking Football    Pricing Available
1989Pro Set379   Pricing Available
1989Score215   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1989Topps9   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1990Fleer All-Pro19   Pricing Available
1990Fleer9   Pricing Available
1990Pro Set Fact Cincinnati291   Pricing Available
1990Pro Set Super Bowl XXV291   Pricing Available
1990Pro Set291   Pricing Available
1990Pro Set400Pro-Bowl  Pricing Available
1990Pro Set799   Pricing Available
1990Score170   Pricing Available
1990Score566All-Pro  Pricing Available
1990Topps Tiffany9   Pricing Available
1990Topps9   Pricing Available
1991Action Packed Rookie Update79   Pricing Available
1991Pacific602   Pricing Available
1991Pinnacle13   Pricing Available
1991Pinnacle381Charley  Pricing Available
1991Pro Set348New  Pricing Available
1991Pro Set400NFC  Pricing Available
1991Pro Set546   Pricing Available
1991Score Supplemental1T   Pricing Available
1991Score200   Pricing Available
1991Score651c   Pricing Available
1991Score651e   Pricing Available
1991Stadium Club341   Pricing Available
1991Topps97   Pricing Available
1991Upper Deck355   Pricing Available
1991Upper Deck544   Pricing Available
1992Bowman137Foil  Pricing Available
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