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Torry Holt Football Cards

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YearACC # Set Name Card # Variation Bid BIN Price Photo
1999 Bowman Chrome174   Pricing Available
1999 Bowman Chrome Interstate174   Pricing Available
1999 Bowman Chrome Refractor174   Pricing Available
1999 Bowman's Autograph5   Pricing Available
1999 Bowman's Best Refractor120   Pricing Available
1999 Bowman's Best120   Pricing Available
1999 Bowman's Best99   
1999 Bowman174   Pricing Available
1999 Bowmans Best Atomic Refractors120   Pricing Available
1999 Bowmans Best Atomic Refractors99   Pricing Available
1999 Collectors Edge Fury170   
1999 Collectors Edge Masters Galvanized156   Pricing Available
1999 Collectors Edge Odyssey122   Pricing Available
1999 Collectors Edge Odyssey1954Q  
1999 Donruss Elite178   Pricing Available
1999 Donruss146   
1999 Finest Future FinestF10   Pricing Available
1999 Finest Prominent FiguresPF50   Pricing Available
1999 Finest Prominent FiguresPF60   Pricing Available
1999 Finest Refractor175   Pricing Available
1999 Finest175   Pricing Available
1999 Fleer273   Pricing Available
1999 Leaf Rookies & Stars289   Pricing Available
1999 Metal Universe Gem Masters 1 of 1212   Pricing Available
1999 Playoff Contender Power Blue Auto155   Pricing Available
1999 Playoff Contenders Autographed155   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1999 Playoff Contenders SSD ROY Contenders Autographs9   Pricing Available
1999 Playoff Contenders SSD ROY Contenders9   Pricing Available
1999 Playoff Contenders SSD Speed Red155   Pricing Available
1999 Playoff Contenders SSD155   Pricing Available
1999 SP Authentic Excitement Gold96   Pricing Available
1999 SP Authentic Excitement96   Pricing Available
1999 SP Authentic Players InkTH-A   Pricing Available
1999 SP Authentic96   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
1999 SP Signature AutographedWP   Pricing Available
1999 SP Signature180   Pricing Available
1999 SPx Autographed129   Pricing Available
1999 SPx Radiance129   Pricing Available
1999 SPx129Auto  Pricing Available
1999 Sage Autographs SilverA21400  Pricing Available
1999 Score Rookie Preview Autographs15   Pricing Available
1999 Score225   Pricing Available
1999 Skybox E-X Century75   Pricing Available
1999 Skybox Molten Metal141   Pricing Available
1999 Skybox Premium Prime Time Rookies Auto9   Pricing Available
1999 Skybox Premium Shining Star Rubies 215   Pricing Available
1999 Stadium Club Chrome First Day Issue166   Pricing Available
1999 Stadium Club Chrome134   Pricing Available
1999 Stadium Club Lone Star AutographsLS11   Pricing Available
1999 Topps Chrome Refractor149   Pricing AvailableStock Photo Available
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