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1928 Yankees vs. Cardinals (Fleer World Series)
1928- Yankees Vs. Cardinals (Laughlin World Series)
1929 A's (Fleer World Champions)
1929 A's vs. Cubs (Fleer World Series)
1929 A's vs. Cubs (Fleer World Series)
1929 Batting Leader (Baseball Leader Pins)
1929- A's Vs. Cubs (Laughlin World Series)
1930 A's (Fleer World Champions)
1930 A's (Fleer World Champions)
1930 A's vs Cardinals (Fleer World Series)
1930 Athletics vs. Cardinals (Fleer World Series)
1930 Batting Leader (Baseball Leader Pins)
1930 Batting Leader Simmons (Baseball Leader Pins)
1930- A's Vs. Cardinals (Laughlin World Series)
1931 Cardinals (Fleer World Champions)
1931 Cardinals vs A's (Fleer World Series)
1931 Cardinals vs. A's (Fleer World Series)
1931- Cardinals Vs. A's (Laughlin World Series)
1932 Batting Leader (Baseball Leader Pins)
1932 Yankees (Fleer World Champions)
1932 Yankees (Fleer World Champions)
1932 Yankees vs. Cubs (Fleer World Series)
1932- Yankees Vs. Cubs (Laughlin World Series)
1933 Giants (Fleer World Champions)
1933 Giants vs Senators (Fleer World Series)
1933 Giants vs. Senators (Fleer World Series)
1933 Sports Kings 1 Cent Wax Pack (Unopened Packs (Pre-1950))
1933 Uncle Jacks Glassine Pack (Unopened Packs (Pre-1950))
1933- Giants Vs. Senators (Laughlin World Series)
1934 Cardinals (Fleer World Champions)
1934 Cardinals vs. Tigers (Fleer World Series)
1934 Cards vs Tigers (Fleer World Series)
1934- Cardinals Vs. Tigers (Laughlin World Series)
1934- Ted Learns The Fine Points (Fleer Ted Williams)
1935 Tigers (Fleer World Champions)
1935 Tigers vs. Cubs (Fleer World Series)
1935- Tigers Vs. Cubs (Laughlin World Series)
1936 New York Yankees (George Burke Photos)
1936 Yankees (Fleer World Champions)
1936- From Mound To Plate (Fleer Ted Williams)
1936- Yankees Vs. Giants (Laughlin World Series)
1937 Yankees (Fleer World Champions)
1937 Yankees vs. Giants (Fleer World Series)
1937- First Full Season (Fleer Ted Williams)
1937- First Step To The Majors (Fleer Ted Williams)
1937- Yankees Vs. Giants (Laughlin World Series)
1937- Yankees Vs. Giants (Laughlin World Series)
1938 Cubs vs. Yankees (Fleer World Series)
1938 Yankees (Fleer World Champions)
1938- First Spring Training (Fleer Ted Williams)
1938- Gunning As A Pastime (Fleer Ted Williams)
1938- Yankees Vs. Cubs (Laughlin World Series)
1939 Reds vs. Yankees (Fleer World Series)
1939 Yankees (Fleer World Champions)
1939 Yankees vs. Reds (Fleer World Series)
1939- Burning Up The Minors (Fleer Ted Williams)
1939- Ted Shows He Will Stay (Fleer Ted Williams)
1939- Yankees Vs. Reds (Laughlin World Series)
1940 Reds (Fleer World Champions)
1940 Reds vs. Tigers (Fleer World Series)
1940 Tiger vs. Reds (Fleer World Series)
1940- Reds Vs. Tigers (Laughlin World Series)
1940- Williams Lick Sophomore Jinx (Fleer Ted Williams)
1941 Dodgers vs. Yanks (Fleer World Series)
1941 Yankees (Fleer World Champions)
1941 Yankees vs. Dodgers (Fleer World Series)
1941- All-Star Hero (Fleer Ted Williams)
1941- How Ted Hit .400 (Fleer Ted Williams)
1941- Williams Greatest Year (Fleer Ted Williams)
1941- Yankees Vs. Dodgers (Laughlin World Series)
1942 Cardinals (Fleer World Champions)
1942 Cardinals vs Yanks (Fleer World Series)
1942- Cardinals Vs. Yankees (Laughlin World Series)
1942- On To Naval Training (Fleer Ted Williams)
1942- Ted Wins Triple Crown (Fleer Ted Williams)
1943 Cardinals vs. Yankees (Fleer World Series)
1943 Yankees (Fleer World Champions)
1943 Yankees vs Cardinals (Fleer World Series)
1943- Honors For Williams (Fleer Ted Williams)
1943- Yankees Vs. Cardinals (Laughlin World Series)
1944 Cardinals (Fleer World Champions)
1944 Cardinals vs Browns (Fleer World Series)
1944 Cards vs Browns (Fleer World Series)
1944- Cardinals Vs. Browns (Laughlin World Series)
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