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"Kiki" Cuyler (Schutter-Johnson)
"Lefty" Gomez (Play Ball)
"Lefty" Grove (Baltimore Orioles Tip Top )
"Long George" Kelly (William Paterson)
"Lou" Finney (Play Ball)
"Mac" McQuinn (Play Ball)
"Marty" McManus (DeLong)
"Mel" Ott (Play Ball)
"Mike" Mowery (Darby Chocolates)
"Moe" Arnovich (Play Ball)
"Mugsy" McGraw (Darby Chocolates)
"Nolan Knows Bo" (Classic Series II)
"Not onto it" (Tobin Lithographs Color)
"Oh, Come Off" (Tobin Lithographs Color)
"Pat" Dougherty (Darby Chocolates)
"Pee Wee" Reese (Play Ball)
"Pep" Young (W503 Strip Card)
"Pep" Young (Holsum Bread (1921))
"Pepper" Martin (Goudey World Wide Gum)
"Peter" Milne (Mother's Cookies)
"Pie" Traynor (Tharp's Ice Cream)
"Pie" Traynor (W502 Strip Card (1928))
"Pie" Traynor (W502 Strip Card (1931))
"Pie" Traynor (W-UNC Strip Cards (1931))
"Pie" Traynor (Callahan HOF)
"Pinky" Higgins (Play Ball)
"Pinky" May (Play Ball)
"Rabbit" Maranville (DeLong)
"Rabbit" Maranville (Neilson's Chocolate (Type 1))
"Rabbit" Maranville (William Paterson)
"Rabbit" Maranville (W515-1 Strip Card)
"Rabbit" Maranville (W515-2 Strip Card)
"Rabbit" Maranville (Standard Biscuit)
"Red" Lucas (Schutter-Johnson)
"Red" Ruffing (Play Ball)
"Rollie" Hemsley (Play Ball)
"Rube" Marquard (W503 Strip Card)
"Sam" Crawford (Darby Chocolates)
"Sid" Hudson (Play Ball)
"Smokey" Burgess (Kahn's Wieners Reds)
"Soupy" Campbell (Play Ball)
"Stormy" Weatherly (Play Ball)
"Struck by a Cyclone" (Tobin Lithographs Color)
"Ted" Williams (Play Ball)
"The Flower of the Flock" (Tobin Lithographs Color)
"The Horse" Danning (Play Ball)
"Tommy" Bridges (Play Ball)
"Tommy" Henrich (Play Ball)
"Tris" Speaker (Darby Chocolates)
"Ty" Cobb (W515-1 Strip Card)
"Ty" Cobb (W515-2 Strip Card)
"Ty" Cobb (Ex-Mgr. Detroit A.L.) (W512 Strip Card)
"Vandy" Vander Meer (Play Ball)
"Vince" DiMaggio (Play Ball)
"Wally" Moses (Play Ball)
"Wally" Pipp (W515-1 Strip Card)
"Wally" Pipp (W515-2 Strip Card)
"Walt" Judnich (Play Ball)
"Watch me soak it" (Tobin Lithographs Color)
"Where! You have it?" (Tobin Lithographs Color)
"Whit" Wyatt (Play Ball)
"Whitey" Whitehead (Play Ball (1940-Colorized))
"Whitey" Witt (W515-1 Strip Card)
"Whitey" Witt (W515-2 Strip Card)
"Yankee Greats" (Perez-Steele HOF Postcard)
(Bresnahan) Ready For the Wallop (W-UNC Strip Cards (1915))
(Cheo) Ramos (Nacionales Cigarros)
(Emilio) Palmero (Nacionales Cigarros)
(Jacinto) Calvo (Nacionales Cigarros)
(Oscar) Tuero (Nacionales Cigarros)
(Pelayo) Chacon (Nacionales Cigarros)
(Wagner) Ready For the Wallop (W-UNC Strip Cards (1915))
.400 Hitter (Fleer-Laughlin Baseball Firsts)
1870 Chicago White Stockings Advertising Trade Card (Cartes De Viste)
1870 Forest City BBC of Rockford (Cartes De Viste)
1870 Philadelphia Athletics BBC Team (Cartes De Viste)
1871 Chicago White Stockings F. A. Pierce & Co. (Cartes De Viste)
1892 Columbus BBC (Cartes De Viste)
1903 Pirates vs. Red Sox (Fleer World Series)
1903 Red Soc vs. Pirates (Fleer World Series)
1903- Red Sox Vs. Pirates (Laughlin World Series)
1904 No World Series (Fleer World Series)
1905 Giants vs As (Fleer World Series)
1905 Giants vs. Athletics (Fleer World Series)
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