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Andrew Johnson (U.S. Caramel Presidents)
Andrew Johnson (J.D. Larkin & Co)
Andrew Johnson (Scrap U.S. Presidents D/C Micro)
Andrew Johnson (J.D. Larkin & Co)
Andrew Johnson (Presidents)
Andrew Johnson (Kellogg's Presidents of the U.S.)
Andrew Johnson (Apex Coffee)
Andy Burnett (Western Series of 48)
Andy Clyde (Bowman Wild West)
Andy Clyde (Hamilton Chewing Gum Ltd.)
Andy Devine (Nu-Card Western)
Andy Devine (C.W.S. Western Stars)
Andy Devine (Hamilton Chewing Gum Ltd.)
Andy Gump (Sugar Daddy Comic Character)
Andy Poe (Goudey Indian Gum Set)
Andy Williams (Topps Hit Stars)
Andy Williams (Spins And Needles)
Andy Williams (Nu-Card Rock & Roll)
Anerica's #1 teenager (Fabian)
Angel Of Mercy (Topps Civil War News)
Angel of Mercy (A&BC Civil War News)
Angel/Montgomery (Gallaher LTD. Film Partners)
Angela Baddeley (Gallaher LTD. Portraits of Famous Stars)
Angela Baddeley (Gallaher LTD. Stars of Screen and Stage)
Angelo Mosca (Wrestling All Stars Series A)
Anger In The North Woods (Gum, Inc. Superman)
Angria (Leaf Gum Co. Pirates)
Angry King (Daktari)
Angry Squaw (Bowman Wild West)
Angry Squaw (Bowman Frontier Days)
Anhalt (Flags of All Nations)
Animal Trainer (Schutter-Johnson Co. I'm Going To Be)
Animal Trainer won... (Crazy Cards)
Animating the chessboard creatures (Star Wars)
Anita Bryant (Nu-Card Rock & Roll)
Anita Ekberg (Topps Hit Stars)
Anita Louise (Gallaher LTD. Portraits of Famous Stars)
Anita Louise (C & T Bridgewater)
Anita Louise (Abdulla & Co. Screen Stars)
Anita Mey (Garbaty Cigarettes)
Anita Page (Lloyd Cigarettes Cinema Stars)
Anita Stewart (Rothman's Cinema Stars)
Ankles aweigh (American Beauties)
Ankles Aweigh (Mutoscope Glamour Girls)
Ann (Topps Ugly Stickers)
Ann B. Davis as Alice (Brady Bunch)
Ann Blyth (Topps Who-Z-at Star)
Ann Blyth (Bowman Movie Stars)
Ann Dvorak (Garbaty Cigarettes)
Ann Elstner (Bowman NBC TV & Radio Stars)
Ann Gillis (C & T Bridgewater)
Ann Harding (Lloyd Cigarettes Cinema Stars)
Ann Harding (Gallaher LTD. Stars of Screen and Stage)
Ann Harding (Lloyd & Sons Cinema Stars Glossy)
Ann Harding (Garbaty Cigarettes)
Ann Miller (Topps Who-Z-at Star)
Ann Prentiss as (Captain Nice Test Cards)
Ann Sheridan (Abdulla & Co. Screen Stars)
Anna Banana (Garbage Pail Kids Series 1)
Anna Lee (Abdulla & Co. Screen Stars)
Anna May Wong (Ardath Tobacco Famous Film Stars)
Anna May Wong (Gallaher LTD. Portraits of Famous Stars)
Anna May Wong (Facchino Cinema Stars)
Anna May Wong (Carreras LTD. Famous Film Stars)
Anna May Wong (Garbaty Cigarettes)
Anna Neagle (Gallaher Ltd. Champions of Screen & Stage)
Anna Neagle (Carreras Film Stars)
Anna Neagle (Facchino Cinema Stars)
Anna Nilsson (Lambert & Butler Film Stars)
Anna Q. Nillson (Strip Card)
Anna Sten (Rothmans LTD. Beauties of Cinema)
Anna Sten (Garbaty Cigarettes)
Anna Suits (Sweet Caporal Actors & Actresses)
Annabella (Garbaty Cigarettes)
Annabella (Garbaty Cigarettes)
Annabella (Garbaty Cigarettes)
Annam (Allen & Ginter Flags of All Nations)
Anne Bonney (Leaf Gum Co. Pirates)
Anne Bonney (Pirates Bold)
Anne Bonney (Pirates Bold)
Anne Bonny (Allen & Ginter Pirates of the Spanish Main)
Anne Bonny (Sea Raiders)
Anne Morgan (Topps Rails & Sails)
Anne Of Cleaves (Topps Look 'N See)
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