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S-8 Inside Space Ship (DCA Food Ind., Inc. Outer Space Series)
S-9 4-Man Observation Satellite (DCA Food Ind., Inc. Outer Space Series)
S. Allen & Elvis (Elvis Presley)
S. Santelli (Duke's Sea Captains)
S.A. Andree (Hassan The World's Greatest Explorers)
S.D. Jones (Wrestling All Stars Series B)
S.E. 24I5 Gronard II (Topps Wings)
S.J. Flickinger (Allen & Ginter American Editors-Small)
S.O. 1120 Ariel III (Topps Wings)
S.O. 30-P Bretagne (Topps Wings)
S.S. Caronia (Topps Rails & Sails)
S.S. CommanderJodl (Donruss Combat)
S.S. Titanic Sinks (Topps Scoop)
S.S. United States (Topps Rails & Sails)
S.Tracey/J.Harlow (John Sinclair Stars Real Photos)
S/S 454 Chevelle (Fiends & Machines)
SA-16 Albatross (Topps Wings)
SA-16 Albatross (Topps Wings)
SA-16-A Albatross (Topps Jets)
Saab 210 (Topps Wings)
Saab 210 Draken (Topps Jets)
Saab 29-A (Topps Wings)
Saab 29A (Topps Wings)
Saab 91B Safir (Topps Jets)
Saab A-32 Lansen (Topps Jets)
Saab J-29C (Topps Jets)
Saab-210 Draken (Topps Wings)
Saab-90 A-2 Scandia (Topps Wings)
Saab-90 A-2 Scandia (Topps Wings)
Saber (Allen & Ginter Arms of All Nations)
Sabine Peters (Garbaty Cigarettes)
Sable Antelope (Animals)
Saboteurs (Bowman Wild Man)
Sabre and tornado (Topps Freedom War)
Sabre Tooth Tigers (Nu-Card Dinosaur Series Blue)
Sabre-Tooth Tiger (Nu-Card Dinosaur Series Blue)
Sabre-Toothed Cat (Nu-Card Dinosaur Series Blue)
Sabre-Toothed Tiger (Nu-Card Dinosaur Series Blue)
Sabres Win Air Battle (Bowman Red Menace)
Sacajawea (Indian Trading Card)
Sachsen (Kinney Naval Vessels)
Sacking Of Panama (Leaf Gum Co. Pirates)
Sacred Ibis (Bird Of The Tropics)
Sacred Kingfisher (Bird Of The Tropics)
Saddle-Billed (Bird Of The Tropics)
Saddling Pont Express (Bowman Wild West)
Saddling Pony Express (Bowman Frontier Days)
Sadie Martinot (Allen & Ginter The World's Beauties)
Sadie Martinot (Duke's Cigarettes Actors & Actresses-Small)
Sadie Martinot (Sweet Caporal Actors & Actresses)
Safari Hat (Fantastic Odd Rods 1st Series)
Safe At Last (Superman)
Safe at the Fort (Wild West Series)
Safe From The Avengers (Johnson Candy Co. Dick Tracy)
Safe from the sun (Topps Lost in Space)
Safe Robber (Duke's Perilous Occupations)
Safety first (Topps Hopalong Cassidy)
Safety First (Mutoscope Hot Cha Girls)
Safety measures (Gum Inc, Uncle Sam and Home Defense)
Sahara (Allen & Ginter Types of all Nations)
Said We'd Make The Crew... (Fleer The 3 Stooges)
Sail Barge Battle (Star Wars Return of the Jedi)
Sail Barge Creature (Star Wars Return of the Jedi)
Sailem (Wacky Ads)
Sailem (Wacky 2nd Series)
Sailing Car (Topps Rails & Sails)
Sailing is the order of the day.. (Topps John F. Kennedy)
Sailor (A & G World Smokers)
Sailor (Schutter-Johnson Co. I'm Going To Be)
Sailor's Sweetheart (Mutoscope All American Girls)
Saint Malo (W.S. Kimball & Co. Fancy Bathers)
Saipan Victory (Bowman U.S. Navy Victories)
Sal Mineo (Topps Hit Stars)
Sal Mineo (Topps Hit Stars)
Salacious Crumb (Star Wars Return of the Jedi Stickers)
Salacious Crumb (Star Wars Return of the Jedi)
Salacious Crumb (Star Wars Return of the Jedi Stickers)
Sallie Brophy (Bowman NBC TV & Radio Stars)
Sally Blane (John Sinclair Stars Real Photos)
Sally Eilers (Garbaty Cigarettes)
Sally Eilers in Remember Last Night (Gallaher My Favourite Part)
Sally Fields (Donruss The Flying Nun )
Sally Fields (Donruss The Flying Nun )
Salmon (Allen & Ginter Fish From American Waters)
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