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Showdown on the Sea (Batman Riddler Back)
Shower Of Lead (Topps Davy Crockett (Green Backs))
Shower of Lead (Topps Round-Up)
Showing Off (Topps WWF)
Shrimp Boat (Topps Rails & Sails)
Shrine of Democracy-Mt. Rushmore (Adventure)
Shrunken Donuts (Wacky 13th Series)
Shrunken Ed (Garbage Pail Kids Series 1)
Shut off that air conditioner (Spook Stories)
Shut'em down... (Fiends & Machines)
Shuttle Cock (Goodwin & Co. Games And Sports Series)
Shy And Retiring (Mutoscope Hot Cha Girls)
Shy Beautiful and Wild (Adventure)
Si (Barratt-Walt Disney Characters 2nd Series)
Siam (Allen & Ginter Flags of All Nations)
Siam (Flags of All Nations)
Siam (Types of Nations)
Siata (Topps World On Wheels)
Siberia (Types of Nations)
Siberia (Duke's Perilous Occupations)
Siberian Wolf Hound (Goodwin & Co. Dogs Of The World)
Sibyl Johnstone (Sweet Caporal Actors & Actresses)
Sicily (Flags of All Nations)
Sick Call (Daktari)
Sick Electric Razor (Foney Ads)
Sicken of the Sea (Wacky 5th Series)
Sicky Vicky (Garbage Pail Kids Series 1)
Sid Ceasar (Bowman NBC TV & Radio Stars)
Side Door Pullman (Goudey World War Gum)
Sidewinder (Parkhurst Missiles & Satellites)
Sidney Fox (Facchino Cinema Stars)
Sidor Malloc Singh (National Chicle Sky Birds)
Sienesse Chariot (Duke & Co. Vehicles of the world)
Siesta Crackers (Wacky 12th Series)
Sieur De Grammont (Allen & Ginter Pirates of the Spanish Main)
Sieur De Grammot (Leaf Gum Co. Pirates)
Sieur De Montauban (Allen & Ginter Pirates of the Spanish Main)
Sight's Ready (Topps Freedom War)
Sighting Artoo-Detoo! (Star Wars)
Sighting the Aliens! (Topps E.T.)
Sighting the Death Star (Star Wars)
Sign Language (Bowman Wild West)
Sign Language (Topps Davy Crockett (Green Backs))
Sign Language (Bowman Frontier Days)
Signal Listening Post (Goudey Action Gum)
Signal of Distress (Flags of All Nations)
Signal Shot (Green Berets)
Signaling (Goudey Indian Gum Set)
Signature of Death (Government Agents vs Public Enemies)
Signing session (Elvis Presley)
Signing Soviet-German Pact (War News Pictures)
Signing The Articles (Pac-Kups Jolly Roger Cups)
Signor Macaroni (Allen & Ginter World's Dudes)
Sikorsky H-34A (Topps Planes)
Sikorsky H.C. MK-2 (Topps Wings)
Sikorsky HC MK-2 (Topps Wings)
Sikorsky HR2S-1 (Topps Jets)
Sikorsky HRS (Topps Jets)
Sikorsky XH-39 (Topps Jets)
Sikorsky XHSS-1 (Topps Jets)
Silence (Beatles Plaks)
Silence from Earth (Topps Lost in Space)
Silenced Forever (Pirate's Picture Bubble Gum )
Silencing an Eavesdropper (James Bond)
Silencing gangland's guns (G-Men and Heroes of the Law)
Silent danger (Topps Hopalong Cassidy)
Silent Destroyers (Green Berets)
Silent Killer (Topps Bring Em Back Alive)
Silent Sentinal (War Bulletin)
Silver Charges The Horse Thieves (Gum Inc. Lone Ranger)
Silver Surfer (Marvel Super Heroes Stickers)
Silver To The Rescue (Lone Ranger)
Silver's Vigil (Gum Inc. Lone Ranger)
Silverliner (T87)
Silverliner (Wings Cigarettes)
Silvio (Kinney Bros. Famous Runing Horses)
Simca Plein Ciel (Topps Sports Cars)
Similecch Squid (Wacky 16th Series)
Similecch Squid (Topps Wacky Packs 16th Series)
Simon Girty (Goudey Indian Gum Set)
Simon Kenton (Bowman Wild West)
Simon Kenton (Goudey Indian Gum Set)
Simon Kenton (Bowman Frontier Days)
Simon-Crys (Foney Ads)
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