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Skimming over the ice (Adventure)
Skimpy (Wacky 1st Series)
Skimpy (Wacky Packs Die Cut)
Skimpy (Wacky Packs Die Cut)
Skimpy / Mrs. Klean / 6-Up / Breadcrust (Wacky Ads)
Skinning A Buffalo (Hassan Cigarettes Cowboy Series)
Skip & Flip (Nu-Card Rock & Roll)
Skip are you sure (McHale's Navy)
Skip Homeier (C.W.S. Western Stars)
Skip I think my head shrank (McHale's Navy)
Skip is it true... (McHale's Navy)
Skirt-ing Trouble (Mutoscope Follies Girls)
Skittles (Goodwin & Co. Games And Sports Series)
Skoda (Topps Sports Cars)
Skull (Spook Stories Stickers)
Sky Bird Fighter (Goudey Action Gum)
Sky Birds Take Off (Goudey Action Gum)
Sky surfing (Donruss The Flying Nun )
Sky Terrier (Goodwin & Co. Dogs Of The World)
Skyliner (Bowman Wild Man)
Skyscrapper crash (Topps Scoop)
Skywalkers Rescue (Star Wars Empire Strikes Back)
Skyway Passes Through (Disneyland Blueback)
Slade (George Bassett & Co. Pop Stars)
Slain Wayne (Garbage Pail Kids Series 1)
Slam Jim Snacks (Wacky 15th Series)
Slashing Claws (Topps Round-Up)
Slashing Sword (Topps Davy Crockett (Green Backs))
Slashing Teeth (Topps Bring Em Back Alive)
Slave 1 (Star Wars Empire Strikes Back)
Slave Girl Leia (Star Wars Return of the Jedi Stickers)
Slave Labor (Bowman Red Menace)
Slave Traders (Pirate's Picture Bubble Gum )
Slave Trading (Leaf Gum Co. Pirates)
Slayer Aspirin (Wacky 14th Series)
Slaying Deimos Rock Dragon (Bowman Jets, Rockets, Spacemen)
Slayskool (Wacky 15th Series)
Slaytex Gloves (Wacky 5th Series)
Sledge (Wacky 3rd Series)
Sleeping Beauty's Castle (Disney Puzzleback)
Sleeping Beauty's Castle (Disney Puzzleback)
Sleeping evidence awakes (G-Men and Heroes of the Law)
Sleepy (Wacky 11th Series)
Sleepy (Barratt-Walt Disney Characters)
Sleepy Time Girl (Mutoscope Follies Girls)
Sliding down rope (Duke's Perilous Occupations)
Slim Pickens (Topps Who-Z-at Star)
Slimy Sam (Garbage Pail Kids Series 1)
Sling (Allen & Ginter Arms of All Nations)
Slip Off Shore (Mutoscope Follies Girls)
Slipping One Over (Mutoscope Hot Cha Girls)
Slobby Robbie (Garbage Pail Kids Series 1)
Slopette (Foney Ads)
Slopicana Juice (Wacky 7th Series)
Sloppy but fun (Brady Bunch)
Slot Machine Racketeers (American G-men)
Slow Motion Smith (Fleer Cops and Robbers)
Sludge (Betty Crooked) (Wacky 5th Series)
Sludgesickle (Wacky Ads)
Slugger (Fantastic Odd Rods 1st Series)
Slum Maid (Wacky Packs Die Cut)
Slurp Suds (Foney Ads)
Small Boats-Big Job! (Power for Peace)
Smaller Dinosaurs (Nu-Card Dinosaur Series Blue)
Smart Gets His Man (Topps Get Smart)
Smart Girl (Gallaher LTD. Film Episodes)
Smart Hits The Jackpot (Topps Get Smart)
Smart Punches In (Topps Get Smart)
Smartz Collar (Wacky 16th Series)
Smartz Collar (Topps Wacky Packs 16th Series)
Smashed On A Knee! (Topps WWF)
Smashed on A Knee! (O-Pee-Chee WWF Wrestling Stars Series 1 )
Smashing Tank Attack (Goudey Action Gum)
Smashing The Enemy (Topps Civil War News)
Smashing the Enemy (Mars Attacks)
Smashing the Enemy (A&BC Civil War News)
Smashing the Gangsters (Leader Superman)
Smashing thru the gaurds (Topps Battle)
Smee (Barratt-Walt Disney Characters)
Smell Gasoline (Foney Ads)
Smell Motor Oil (Wacky 15th Series)
Smell-O (Foney Ads)
Smelly Kelly (Garbage Pail Kids Series 1)
Smile for the Camera (Bewitched)
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