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The Crows Nest (Arctic Scenes)
The Cruel Monster (Terror Monsters)
The Cruel Monster (Terror Monsters)
The Cruel Monster (Terror Monsters)
The Cruise Of The Skeletons (Ripley's Believe It Or Not)
The Crusades (Gallaher LTD. Film Episodes)
The Crusher (Wrestling All Stars Series A)
The cry in the night (G-Men and Heroes of the Law)
The Crystal Vault (Schutter-Johnson Tarzan & The Crystal Vault)
The D.H.-10 Bomber (National Chicle Sky Birds)
The dagger shoes (Topps James Bond)
The Daltons (Bowman Wild West)
The Daltons (Bowman Frontier Days)
The dangerous loan (Topps Hopalong Cassidy)
The Daring Act Of The Age (Pirate's Picture Bubble Gum )
The Dark Lord of the Sith (Star Wars)
The Dark Pursuer (Star Wars Empire Strikes Back)
The Dead Mailman (Johnson Candy Co. Dick Tracy)
The Deadly Cobra Strikes (Topps Bring Em Back Alive)
The deadly draw (G-Men and Heroes of the Law)
The deadly grip of Darth Vader! (Star Wars)
The Deadly Mantis (Nu-Card Horror Monster Series (Orange))
The deadly sun (Topps Lost in Space)
The deadly years (Star Trek)
The Death call (G-Men and Heroes of the Law)
The Death of "Dutch".. (G-Men and Heroes of the Law)
The Death Ray (Outer Limits)
The death room (Topps Hopalong Cassidy)
The Decision! (Mod Squad)
The Deforests (Sweet Caporal Actors & Actresses)
The Deltan beauty (Star Trek Sticker)
The Deltan Beauty (Star Trek)
The demon within (Star Trek)
The Deserted Village (Gum Inc. 'Horrors Of War')
The Devil's Curse (Terror Monsters)
The Devil's Doll (Rosan Famous Monsters)
The Diamonds (Topps Hit Stars)
The Dictator (Gallaher Ltd. Famous Film Scenes)
The discovery (Topps Planet of the Apes)
The Dive Of Death (Gum, Inc. Superman)
The Doctor Said I Needed Glasses (Mutoscope Artist Pin Up)
The Doctor's Holding Me For Observation (Mutoscope Artist Pin Up)
The Dog Act (Tootsie Circus)
The Doom Machine (Outer Limits)
The door know has more hair... (Hogan's Heroes)
The Doors Were Locked (Johnson Candy Co. Dick Tracy)
The Double Rescue (Schutter-Johnson Tarzan & The Crystal Vault)
The Draft punctures... (Donrus Green Hornet)
The dragnet snares its prey (G-Men and Heroes of the Law)
The Dragon disappears (A & BC Superman in the Jungle)
The dragon tank (Topps James Bond)
The dragons teeth (War Bulletin)
The Dreaded Rancor (Star Wars Return of the Jedi)
The Drier's a little too warm (Primrose Confectionery The Flintstones)
The Drifters (Topps Hit Stars)
The Drifters (Spins And Needles)
The droids are reunited! (Star Wars)
The droids in the Control Room (Star Wars)
The droids on Tatooine (Star Wars)
The droids try to rescue Luke! (Star Wars)
The droids wait for Luke (Star Wars)
The Dude Learns (Wild West Series)
The Duel To Death (National Chicle Dare Devils)
The Dummy Won't (Lone Ranger)
The duplicate man (Star Trek)
The Dynamic Duo Plan to Surprise (Batman Coins)
The Dynamiting Of Tsingtao (Gum Inc. 'Horrors Of War')
The E.T. And Me (Topps E.T.)
The Earth killer (Leaf Star Trek)
The Earthmen Charge (Mars Attacks)
The easy way to raise the flag (Donruss The Flying Nun )
The Educated Skeleton (Terror Monsters)
The Electric Menace (Schutter-Johnson Tarzan & The Crystal Vault)
The Electronic Monster (Nu-Card Horror Monster Series (Orange))
The Elephant (Tootsie Circus)
The Elephant's Graveyard (Schutter-Johnson Tarzan & The Crystal Vault)
The Emperor (Star Wars Return of the Jedi Stickers)
The Emperor Leaves Ethiopia (Gum Inc. 'Horrors Of War')
The Empire strikes back! (Star Wars)
The end of a killer's trail (G-Men and Heroes of the Law)
The End Of Pretty Boy (National Chicle Dare Devils)
The End Of The Marauder (National Chicle Tom Mix Booklets)
The Enemies Clash (Batman Black Bat)
The Enemy At Last (Schutter-Johnson Tarzan & The Crystal Vault)
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