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The droids wait for Luke (Star Wars)
The Dude Learns (Wild West Series)
The Duel To Death (National Chicle Dare Devils)
The Dummy Won't (Lone Ranger)
The duplicate man (Star Trek)
The Dynamic Duo Plan to Surprise (Batman Coins)
The Dynamiting Of Tsingtao (Gum Inc. 'Horrors Of War')
The E.T. And Me (Topps E.T.)
The Earth killer (Leaf Star Trek)
The Earthmen Charge (Mars Attacks)
The easy way to raise the flag (Donruss The Flying Nun )
The Educated Skeleton (Terror Monsters)
The Electric Menace (Schutter-Johnson Tarzan & The Crystal Vault)
The Electronic Monster (Nu-Card Horror Monster Series (Orange))
The Elephant (Tootsie Circus)
The Elephant's Graveyard (Schutter-Johnson Tarzan & The Crystal Vault)
The Emperor (Star Wars Return of the Jedi Stickers)
The Emperor Leaves Ethiopia (Gum Inc. 'Horrors Of War')
The Empire strikes back! (Star Wars)
The end of a killer's trail (G-Men and Heroes of the Law)
The End Of Pretty Boy (National Chicle Dare Devils)
The End Of The Marauder (National Chicle Tom Mix Booklets)
The Enemies Clash (Batman Black Bat)
The Enemy Above (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea)
The Enemy At Last (Schutter-Johnson Tarzan & The Crystal Vault)
The enemy below (War Bulletin)
The enemy falls (Topps Freedom War)
The enemy my self (Star Trek)
The engineering deck (Star Trek)
The Escape (Outer Limits)
The Escape Plan (Topps E.T.)
The Escape Pod is jettisoned! (Star Wars)
The eve of Jena (John Player and Son-Napoleon)
The evil Grand Moff Tarkin (Star Wars)
The Evil Luthor lurks (A & BC Superman in the Jungle)
The Evil Scheme (Topps Zorro)
The Ewok Village (Star Wars Return of the Jedi)
The Execution (Topps Zorro)
The Executor (Star Wars Empire Strikes Back)
The Explosion (Johnson Candy Co. Dick Tracy)
The Explosion (Topps Civil War News)
The Explosion (A&BC Civil War News)
The eyes have it (Rosan John F. Kennedy)
The fabulous Fabian (Fabian)
The Fabulous Fontaine (Grease)
The Fabulous Moolah (Wrestling All Stars Series A)
The face of terror (Star Trek Sticker)
The Face of Terror (Star Trek)
The Falcon (Comic Book Heroes Stickers)
The Falcon in repairs (Star Wars Empire Strikes Back)
The false alarm... (Topps Rat Patrol)
The Family Flees (Topps Civil War News)
The Family Flees (A&BC Civil War News)
The Family Hearse (Addams Family)
The family pet (Brady Bunch)
The famous smile (Fabian)
The fan's friend (Elvis Presley)
The fantastic crime fighter... (Donrus Green Hornet)
The fantastic droid Threepio (Star Wars Stickers)
The fantastic droid Threepio! (Star Wars)
The fastest gun (TV Westerns)
The fearless leader... (McHale's Navy)
The fearsome stormtroopers! (Star Wars)
The Federal Advance (Civil War Battle Scenes)
The Federal Palace (Weber Baking Co. Capitol Buildings)
The Fight At The Water Hole (Schutter-Johnson Tarzan & The Crystal Vault)
The Fight for Peace (Leader Superman)
The Fight Over The Water Hole (Gum Inc. Lone Ranger)
The fight was gone... (Topps Rat Patrol)
The fight with Grant (Topps James Bond)
The fight with Oddjob (Topps James Bond)
The Fight, Tarzan vs. Lothar (Schutter-Johnson Tarzan & The Crystal Vault)
The Fighting Family (Government Agents vs Public Enemies)
The Fighting Major (Topps Davy Crockett (Green Backs))
The figure eight. (Duke's Cigarettes Terrors Of America)
The figure eight. (Honest Long Cut Terrors Of America)
The filling station (G-Men and Heroes of the Law)
The Final Blow (Mod Squad)
The final chore for the boys... (Beatles Movie)
The final encounter (Topps James Bond)
The final frontiersman (Star Trek)
The final Gung-Fu move... (Donrus Green Hornet)
The Final Stand (Star Wars Empire Strikes Back)
The Fingerprint's confession (G-Men and Heroes of the Law)
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