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Suffertone (Wacky 8th Series)
Sugar Cane Car (Topps Rails & Sails)
Sugar Daffy (Wacky 6th Series)
Sugarmess Bubble Gum (Wacky 14th Series)
Sugarmess Bubble Gum (Wacky 2nd Series)
Suicide Attack (Topps Davy Crockett (Green Backs))
Suicide attack (Topps Freedom War)
Suicide Charge (Topps Civil War News)
Suicide dive (Topps Battle)
Suicide Squad Of Japs Is Blasted At Woosung (Gum Inc. 'Horrors Of War')
Suited For The Job (Topps Man on the Moon)
Suited for the Job (Man on the Moon)
Sultan (Kinney Naval Vessels)
Sultan of Morocco (Allen & Ginter Worlds Sovereigns)
Sultan of Turkey (Allen & Ginter Worlds Sovereigns)
Sumo Sid (Garbage Pail Kids Series 1)
Sun Bittern (Bird Of The Tropics)
Sun Powered Moon Rocket (Parkhurst Missiles & Satellites)
Sunbeam Alpine (Topps Sports Cars)
Sunburns and Floor Burns (Adventure)
Sundance Kid (Leaf Good Guys and Bad Guys)
Sunderland (Topps Wings)
Sunderland (Topps Wings)
Sundown And A Peaceful Camp (Post Cereal Roy Rogers Popout Cards)
Sunfish (Allen & Ginter Fish From American Waters)
Sunken Ships Leave no Trail (Pirate's Picture Bubble Gum )
Sunset On Earth (Topps Target Moon or Space Cards)
Sunsweat Prune Juice (Wacky 10th Series)
Super Bee (Fiends & Machines)
Super Blower (Fantastic Odd Rods 1st Series)
Super bomb (War Bulletin)
Super Chopper (Silly Cycles)
Super Cigar Crisp (Wacky 6th Series)
Super Constellation (Topps Jets)
Super Cop (Silly Cycles)
Super Cuda (Fiends & Machines)
Super Dooper (Fantastic Odd Rods 1st Series)
Super Heroes (DC Super Heroes Stickers - Sunbeam Bread)
Super Sabre (Topps Planes)
Super Safecracker (Superman)
Super Shift (Odd Rods)
Super Souix (Fantastic Odd Rods 1st Series)
Super Stuff! (Odd Rods)
Super Torque (Silly Cycles)
Super-Chimp (Topps Planet of the Apes)
Superfortress (Topps Planes)
Superhuman Strength (Topps Robin Hood)
Superman (Superman)
Superman (Gum, Inc. Superman)
Superman (DC Super Heroes Stickers - Sunbeam Bread)
Superman (Warner Bros. National Periodical Cards)
Superman (Leader Superman)
Superman & Lois Lane (DC Super Heroes Stickers - Sunbeam Bread)
Superman & The Cavemen (Superman)
Superman & The Savages (Superman)
Superman And The Killer Whale (Gum, Inc. Superman)
Superman As A Baby (Superman)
Superman At The Circus (Gum, Inc. Superman)
Superman Gets His Man (Superman)
Superman In Action (Superman)
Superman Leaps In (Superman)
Superman Nears Death (A & BC Superman in the Jungle)
Superman Strikes (A & BC Superman in the Jungle)
Superman To The Rescue (Superman)
Superman to the rescue (A & BC Superman in the Jungle)
Superman Unchained (A & BC Superman in the Jungle)
Superman Vs. Bank Robbers (Gum, Inc. Superman)
Superman Vs. The Spies (Gum, Inc. Superman)
Superman Vs. Torpedo (Gum, Inc. Superman)
Superman Wins Again (Gum, Inc. Superman)
Superman's Arch Enemy (Gum, Inc. Superman)
Superman's Father (Superman)
Superman's Parents (Superman)
Superman's Pet (Superman)
Superman's Search (Superman)
Superman's Warning (Superman)
Superman's Wedding (Superman)
Superman/Supergirl (DC Super Heroes Stickers - Sunbeam Bread)
Supermans Peril (Superman)
Supermans Problem (Superman)
Supermans Strength (Superman)
Supermarine 525 (Topps Jets)
Supermarine 535 (Topps Wings)
Supermarine 535 (Topps Wings)
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