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Tasmania (Allen & Ginter Types of all Nations)
Taster's Choke (Wacky 4th Series)
Tattoo Lou (Garbage Pail Kids Series 1)
Tauntaun (Star Wars Empire Strikes Back)
Taxim (Wacky 9th Series)
Taylor's ally (Topps Planet of the Apes)
Taylor's escape fails (Topps Planet of the Apes)
Taylor's life is saved (Topps Planet of the Apes)
TBM Avenger (Topps Wings)
TBM Avenger (Topps Wings)
TE-1 Buckaroo (Topps Wings)
TE-1 Buckaroo (Topps Wings)
Teacher (Donruss The Bionic Woman)
Team effort (Topps Planet of the Apes)
Team work (Topps Freedom War)
Team Work Aloft (Goudey Action Gum)
Teamster holding whip... (American Tobacco Silhouettes)
Teamwork Means (Green Berets)
Tearle (Duke's Cigarettes Actors & Actresses-Small)
Tears Of A Princess (Star Wars Empire Strikes Back)
Tears of joy (War Bulletin)
Technical Advice (Topps Man on the Moon)
Technicians ready C-3PO for the cameras (Star Wars)
Technicians ready C-3po for the cameras (Star Wars Stickers)
Tecumseh (Bowman Wild West)
Tecumseh (Topps Look 'N See)
Tecumseh (Goudey Indian Gum Set)
Ted Dibiase (Wrestling All Stars Series A)
Ted Mack (Bowman NBC TV & Radio Stars)
Teddy Randazzo (Topps Hit Stars)
Teddy Roosevelt (Topps Who Am I?)
Tee-Vee Stevie (Garbage Pail Kids Series 1)
Teen Age Werewolf (Nu-Card Horror Monster (Green))
Teenage Frankenstein (Rosan Famous Monsters)
Teenage Werewolf (Terror Monsters)
Teenage Werewolf (Terror Monsters)
Teenage Werewolf (Rosan Famous Monsters)
Teenage Werewolf Meets Frankenstein (Terror Monsters)
Teenagers (Topps Hit Stars)
Teeny bopper (Leaf Star Trek)
Teeny Weeny Meeny (Silly Cycles)
Teeter Taught - Her (Mutoscope Follies Girls)
Teeth Of Steel (Gum, Inc. Superman)
Teh-Hee Just don't sneeze (Fleer Casper)
Television Terror (Outer Limits)
Tell the Captain his wing just fell off (Donruss The Flying Nun )
Tell the truth mate... (Hogan's Heroes)
Tell-Tale Tracks (Lone Ranger)
Telling the Marines (Gum Inc, Uncle Sam and Home Defense)
Temco Plebe (Topps Jets)
Temco T35A Buckeroo (Topps Jets)
Temeraire (Kinney Naval Vessels)
Temper! Temper! You'll fog... (Hogan's Heroes)
Temple/Leroy (John Sinclair Stars Real Photos)
Ten Minute Alibi (Gallaher Ltd. Famous Film Scenes)
Tender-Leak (Foney Ads)
Tennessee (Kinney Naval Vessels)
Tennessee (W. Duke, Sons & Co Industries of the States)
Tennessee (Gail & Ax Industries of the States)
Tennessee (Allen & Ginter Flags of States & Territory)
Tennis (Allen & Ginter World's Dudes)
Tennis (Yum Yum Tobacco Picture Cards)
Tennis anyone? (Rosan John F. Kennedy)
Tenor (Allen & Ginter World's Dudes)
Tense moments (TV Westerns)
Tentacled Terror (Batman A Series)
Tentacled terror (A & BC Batman Series A)
Teresa Brewer (Nu-Card Rock & Roll)
Terra City (Ralston Purina Space Patrol)
Terrapin (Parkhurst Missiles & Satellites)
Terrier (Parkhurst Missiles & Satellites)
Terrific teenager (Fabian)
Terror (Kinney Naval Vessels)
Terror Beyond Space (Terror Monsters)
Terror By Night (Schutter-Johnson Tarzan & The Crystal Vault)
Terror from Space (Outer Limits)
Terror from the sky (Topps Battle)
Terror From The Year 5000 (Nu-Card Horror Monster Series (Orange))
Terror From Year 5000 (Rosan Famous Monsters)
Terror in the Carpathians (War News Pictures)
Terror in the Railroad (Mars Attacks)
Terror in the Sky (War Bulletin)
Terror In The Tower (Gum, Inc. Superman)
Terror in the trees (Tarzan)
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