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Cassius Clay (D.C. Thomson Hornet)
Cassius Clay (MacRobertson's Olympic Quiz Cards)
Cassius Clay (Collezioni Lampo I Grandi Campioni)
Castilho (Editora Aquarela LTDA Blue Number)
Caught In A Bunker (W&F Faulkner Golf Terms )
Cecil Leitch (British American Tobacco Who's Who)
Cecil Leitch (Lambert & Butler Who's Who)
Cecil Leitch (W.D. & H.D. Wills)
Ceferino Garcia (Leaf Boxing)
Cello Pack (Carnation Major League Wrestling)
Cesar Brion (Topps Ringside Boxing)
Cesar Brion (Exhibits (1947-66))
Chalky Wright (Leaf Boxing)
Chambers/Clark (Lorillard)
Champion Pointer (Topps Magic Photo)
Champion Sculling Team (Willard Chocolates)
Charles A. Levine (Topps Magic Photo)
Charles Bacon (Champions)
Charles Barnes (Dominion Chocolate)
Charles Barnes (Dominion Chocolate)
Charles Bickford (Topps Magic Photo)
Charles Coody (Donruss Golf)
Charles Eyton (Champions)
Charles Eyton (Imperial Tobacco Co.)
Charles George (Imperial Tobacco Co.)
Charles I (Cope Golfers)
Charles Jewtraw (Willard Chocolates)
Charles Jewtraw (Champions Exhibits (1925))
Charles Ledoux (Cohen Weenan & Co. Famous Boxers Green Back)
Charles Ledoux (Boy's Friend Rising Boxing Stars)
Charles Ledoux (Burstein Isaacs)
Charles Ledoux (Teofani & Co Magnums)
Charles Ledoux (Boy's Friend)
Charles Ledoux (Cope Brothers & Co.)
Charles Ledoux (Cope Brothers & Co.)
Charles Lindbergh (Lambert & Butler World of Sport)
Charles Lindbergh (Topps Magic Photo)
Charles Lindbergh (Abdulla & Co. Ltd.)
Charles Lindbergh (British American Tobacco Who's Who)
Charles Lindbergh (Rogers Peet)
Charles Mitchell (F.C. Cartledge Boxing Glossy)
Charles Mitchell (F.C. Cartledge Boxing)
Charles Nungesser (Strip Cards)
Charles Penwill (Boy's Friend Rising Boxing Stars)
Charles Pores (Topps Magic Photo)
Charles Rosenberg (British American Tobacco Who's Who)
Charles Rosenberg (Lambert & Butler Who's Who)
Charles W. Paddock (Rogers Peet)
Charles Whitcombe (Ardath Tobacco Crick-Tenn & Golf)
Charles Wood (W. S. Kimball Champions)
Charley Austin (Panini Campioni Dello Sport)
Charley Belanger (United Tobacco)
Charley Brookins (Sports Co. of America)
Charley Fonville (Topps Magic Photo)
Charley Gorman (Sports Co. of America)
Charley Griffin (Champions)
Charley Griffin (Red Sun)
Charley Hoff (Sports Co. of America)
Charley Ledoux (Strip Card)
Charley Mitchell (Old Judge)
Charley Mitchell (Lorillard's Mechanic's Delight)
Charley Mitchell (Full Length) (CDV 1880's)
Charley Norkus (Exhibits (1947-66))
Charley Paddock (Spalding Champion Golf)
Charley Paddock (Sports Co. of America)
Charley White (Exhibits (1921))
Charley White (Exhibit Blue Boxers)
Charlie Fusari (Topps Ringside Boxing)
Charlie Goldman (Mecca Cigarettes Boxing Silver Border)
Charlie Goldman (Dixie Queen)
Charlie Green (Ogden's LTD. Pugilists & Wrestlers)
Charlie Griffin (Ogden's LTD. Pugilists & Wrestlers)
Charlie Griffin (Ogdens)
Charlie Lordan (Cope Brothers & Co.)
Charlie Mitchell (Ogden's LTD. Pugilists & Wrestlers)
Charlie Mitchell (Ogden's Ltd. Heroes of the Ring)
Charlie Mitchell (Ogden's Ltd. General Interest Series A)
Charlie Mitchell (Ogden's Ltd. Series F)
Charlie Mitchell (Dixie Queen)
Charlie Mitchell (Mayo Cut Plug Boxing)
Charlie Mitchell (Goodwin Champions)
Charlie Norton (S.F. Hess)
Charlie Paddock (Champions Exhibits (1925))
Charlie Querrie (Willard Chocolates)
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