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Charlie Rosenberg (Strip Cards)
Charlie Smith (Ogdens Ltd.)
Charlie Smith (John Player and Sons Pugilists in Action)
Charlie White (Spalding Champions Boxing)
Charlie White (Ogden's)
Charlie White (Williards Chocolate)
Charlotte Motor Speedway (Maxx Charlotte)
Chartchai Chionoi (Panini Campioni Dello Sport)
Chas A. Lindbergh (W560)
Chas P Rosenberg (Spalding Champions Boxing)
Chas P. Rosenberg (Sports Co. of America)
Chas. Blatt (W. S. Kimball Champions)
Chas. F. Willard (Pet Cigarettes)
Chas. Hamilton (Champions)
Chas. Harriman (S.F. Hess)
Chas. Hutchings (Ogden's Ltd. Guinea Gold Golf)
Chas. Hutchings (Ogden's Ltd. Guinea Gold-I Base)
Chas. Weston (Champions)
Chatelaine (Gallaher Ltd.)
Check List (Donruss Golf)
Checklist (Donruss Golf)
Checklist (Maxx Charlotte)
Chester Nimitz (Topps Magic Photo)
Chick Jewtraw (Sports Co. of America)
Chick Suggs (Exhibit)
Chick Suggs (Tabacalera La Morena)
Chico (Tinghalls)
Chico Vejar (Exhibits (1947-66))
Chico Vejar (Topps Ringside Boxing)
Chief Big Heart (Parkhurst Wrestling)
Chief Big Heart (Parkhurst Wrestling)
Chief Sunni War Cloud (Parkhurst Wrestling)
Chief Wahoo McDaniel (Wrestling Annual #6)
Chocolate My Own (Willard Chocolates)
Chocolate Papyrus (Willard Chocolates)
Chow (Topps Magic Photo)
Choyinski/Goddard (Lorillard)
Chris Adams (Wieser & Wieser Wrestling Postcards)
Chris Evert (Panini Sport Vedettes)
Chris Evert (Panini Supersport)
Chris Evert (Panini Supersport)
Chris Evert (Panini Sport Superstars)
Chris Evert (Keisa Ediciones)
Chris Evert (Venorlandus)
Chris Evert (Americana Munchen Sport-Parade)
Chuck Klein (All American Sports Club)
Chuck Mellor (Sports Co. of America)
Chuck Speiser (Exhibits (1947-66))
Cilly Aussem (Bulgaria Sport)
Cirilin Olano (Cigarros Aguilitas)
Citation (Exhibits Champions (1948-49))
CL. Chamberlain (W560)
Claire Trevor (Topps Magic Photo)
Clarence A. Freeman (W. S. Kimball Champions)
Clarence Chamberlain (Rogers Peet)
Clarence Henry (Exhibits (1947-66))
Clarence Seifert (Exhibit)
Clarence Tippett (Champions)
Clarence Whistler (W. S. Kimball Champions)
Clark Gable (Topps Magic Photo)
Clas Thunberg (Sports Co. of America)
Claudette Colbert (Topps Magic Photo)
Clay e Frazier (Edis Olimpiadi)
Clay/Beatles (Horizontal) (Swedish Candy)
Clay/Beatles (Vertical) (Swedish Candy)
Clay/Clay/Clay/Clay (Slania Stamps Panel)
Clay/Frazier (Sprengel/Huberty Schneller)
Clay/Jarlenius (Swedish Rekord Journal)
Clay/Liston (Sprengel/Huberty Schneller)
Clena Callett (Strip Card)
Cliff Anderson (D. Cummings & Sons)
Cliff Morgan (Top Flight Stars)
Cliff Morgan (Bancroft Tiddlers)
Clive Neilson (Dominion Chocolate)
Clonie Tait (Williards Chocolate)
Close of the Battle (Mitchell & Son Old Sporting Prints)
Clyde Chastain (United Tobacco)
Clyde Hull (Exhibit)
Cochet (Bulgaria Sport)
Cocker Spaniel (Topps Magic Photo)
Col. Roscoe Turner (Goudey Sport Kings)
Colin Bell (Cope Brothers & Co.)
Colin Cowdrey (Top Flight Stars)
Colin Stein (Lyons Maid Soccer Stars)
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