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Atletico Madrid (Monty International Football Teams)
Attilio DeMaria (Cioccolato Principe Cine Sport)
Aubrey Basil Boomer (WA & AC Churchman's (Golf Small))
Aubrey Boomer (WA & AC Churchman Golf-Small)
Aubrey Boomer (WA & AC Churchman's (Golf Small))
Aubrey Boomer (John Player and Sons)
Aubrey Boomer (Lambert & Butler Who's Who)
Aubrey Boomer (J. Milhoff & Co.)
Audie Murphy (Topps Magic Photo)
Auf Dem Riebersee (Bulgaria Sport)
Aug. Belmont (Allen & Ginter Racing Colors of the World)
Austin Gibbons (Mayo Cut Plug Boxing)
Avery Brundage (T230-Pan Handle Scrap)
Avoiding a left lead (Franklyn Davey & Co.)
Avoiding a right lead (Franklyn Davey & Co.)
Avoiding a right lead (Franklyn Davey & Co.)
Avoiding left lead (W.T. Davies & Sons)
Avoiding left Lead (W.T. Davies & Sons)
Avoiding Right Lead (W.T. Davies & Sons)
Axel Paulsen (Allen & Ginter)
Axel Paulsen (Allen & Ginter)
Axel Paulsen (W. S. Kimball Champions)
Azumah Nelson (Panini Supersport)
B. Degan (Imperial Tobacco Co.)
B. Hutton (Imperial Tobacco Co.)
B. Mills (John Player and Sons Footballers)
B. Sproston (W.D & H.O Wills Footballers )
B.H. Black (Churchman Sporting Celebrites)
Babe Didrickson (Goudey Sport Kings)
Babe Didrikson (Anglo American Gum Sports Parade)
Babe Didrikson (Topps Olympians)
Babe Didrikson (Wiko Munchen Ruft)
Babe Diedrikson (Bravour-Bilder Film & Sport)
Babe Herman (Strip Cards)
Babe McCorgary (Exhibit)
Babe Zaharias (All American Sports Club)
Baby Doll (NWA Superstars)
Baby Doll (NWA Superstars)
Baby Joe Gans (Exhibit)
Bacchli (Cope Brothers & Co.)
Badoud (Burstein Isaacs)
Baer/Stanlee (Topps Ringside Double cards)
Baker (Fatima Cigarettes)
Baksi/La Motta (Topps Ringside Double cards)
Bandsman Blake (Ogden's)
Bandsman Blake (Cope Brothers & Co.)
Bandsman Rice (W.D. & H.O. Wills Boxers Scissors Back)
Bandsman Rice (W.D. & H.O. Wills Boxers Green Stars & Circle Back Boxing)
Bandsman Rice (Ogden's)
Bandsman Rice (Cope Brothers & Co.)
Barbara Ann Scott (Both Skates On Ice) (Exhibits Champions (1948-49))
Barbara Ann Scott (One Skate On Ice) (Exhibits Champions (1948-49))
Barbara Cochran (Topps Olympians)
Barbara Kent (Strip Card)
Barbara Stanwyck (Topps Magic Photo)
Barbara Stanwyck (Topps Magic Photo)
Barney Ross (Leaf Boxing)
Barney Ross (D. Cummings & Sons)
Barney Ross (Topps Ringside Boxing)
Barney Ross (United Tobacco Co.)
Barney Ross (United Tobacco)
Baron Leone (Parkhurst Wrestling)
Baron Leone (Parkhurst Wrestling)
Baron Schickler (Allen & Ginter Racing Colors of the World)
Baron Von Bissing (Gallaher Ltd.-Sports Series )
Baron Von Cramm (Ardath Cigarettes)
Baron Von Cramm (Haus Bergmann Cigarettes)
Baron Von Raschke (Wrestling Super Stars)
Barry Jaeckel (Donruss Golf)
Barry Sheene (Venorlandus)
Barry Sullivan (Topps Magic Photo)
Barry Windham (Wieser & Wieser Wrestling Postcards)
Barry Windham & Sting (NWA Superstars)
Barschandt (Kane Products)
Bart Connelly (Ogdens)
Bart Holderness (WA & AC Churchman Golf-Small)
Barthelemy Molina (Amatller Chocolate)
Barton MacLane (Topps Magic Photo)
Basora (Tinghalls)
Bat Battalino (Exhibits)
Bates Ford (Parkhurst Wrestling)
Batstone (Willard Chocolates)
Battling Hurley (Turkey Reds)
Battling Hurley (Champions)
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