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Rocky Marciano (Autograph Bank Checks)
Rocky Marciano (Exhibits (1947-66))
Rocky Marciano (Difusora Cultura Juegos Olympics)
Rocky Marciano (Sportscaster (1977))
Rocky Marciano (Slania Stamps)
Rocky Marciano (Mira Tuttosport I Campionissimi)
Rocky Marciano (Swedish Rekord)
Rocky Marciano (Hokus-Pokus Boxing)
Rocky Marciano (Swedish Rekord Journal)
Rocky Marciano (Panini Campioni Dello Sport)
Rocky Marciano (Crack Gigantes de Figuritas Sport)
Rocky Marciano (Adventure)
Rocky Marciano (Sportscaster (1977))
Rod Cameron (Topps Magic Photo)
Rod Laver (Barratt & Co. LTD.)
Rod Laver (Panini Sport Vedettes)
Rod Laver (Panini OK VIP)
Rod Laver (Panini Campioni Dello Sport)
Rod Laver (Panini Campioni Dello Sport)
Rod Laver (Younger's Sporting Greats)
Rod Laver (Quelcom S.A. Ases Mundiales Deporte)
Rod Laver (Keisa Ediciones)
Rod Strachan (Topps Olympians)
Roddy McDowall (Topps Magic Photo)
Roddy Piper (Wieser & Wieser Wrestling Postcards)
Roderich Menzel (Bulgaria Sport)
Rodney Marsh (Lyons Maid Soccer Stars)
Roger Bannister (Top Flight Stars)
Roger De Coster (Sportscaster (1977))
Roger H. Wethered (WA & AC Churchman's (Golf Small))
Roger H. Wethered (Lambert & Butler World of Sport)
Roger Hunt (Nabisco Footballers)
Roger Wethered (J. Milhoff & Co.)
Roger Wethered (WA & AC Churchman-Men of the Moment)
Roger Wethered (Gallaher Ltd.)
Roger Wethered (W.A. & A.C. Churchman (Famous Golfers))
Roger Wethered (W.A. & A.C. Churchman's (Men if the Moment-Small))
Roger Wethered (British American Tobacco Who's Who)
Roger Wethered (W.D. & H.D. Wills)
Roland La Starza (Topps Ringside Boxing)
Roland La Starza (Exhibits (1947-66))
Roland LaStarza (All American Sports Club)
Roland MacKenzie (WA & AC Churchman Golf-Small)
Roland Todd (Ogdens Ltd.)
Roland Todd (John Player and Sons Pugilists in Action)
Roland Todd (Singleton & Cole)
Roland Winters (Topps Magic Photo)
Romario (Panini Voetbal 89)
Romario (Copa Uniao)
Romario De Souza Faria (Panini Nederland)
Ron Simmons (NWA Superstars)
Ron Simmons (NWA Superstars)
Ron Simmons (NWA Wonderama Test Market Run)
Ron Simmons (NWA Superstars)
Ron Simmons (NWA Superstars)
Ron Streck (Donruss Golf)
Ronald Koeman (Panini Voetbal )
Ronald Koeman (Panini Voetbal '83)
Ronnie Clayton (D. Cummings & Sons)
Rory Calhoun (Topps Magic Photo)
Rory Calhoun (Exhibits (1947-66))
Rosa Grosse (Dominion Chocolate)
Rowe (Goodwin Champions)
Rowell (Goodwin Champions)
Roy Emerson (Quelcom S.A. Ases Mundiales Deporte)
Roy Emerson (Difusora Cultura Juegos Olympics)
Roy Kinsman (Imperial Tobacco Co.)
Roy McLarity (Parkhurst Wrestling)
Roy McLarity (Parkhurst Wrestling)
Roy Nurse (Dominion Chocolate)
Roy Paul (Kane Products)
Roy Peewee Chantler (Dominion Chocolate)
Royal Cromer (W.D. & H.O. Wills Golfing)
Royal Kangaroos (Yamakatsu New Japan Pro Wrestling)
Ruby Goldstein (Topps Ringside Boxing)
Ruby Goldstein (Exhibit)
Rudi Voller (Americana Munchen Bundesliga Nationale)
Rudolf Unholz (Ogdens)
Rudolf Unholz (Ogden's LTD. Pugilists & Wrestlers)
Rudy & Emil Dusek (Topps Ringside Boxing)
Rudy Dusek (Topps Magic Photo)
Ruffy Silverstein (Exhibits (1947-66))
Rugby In USA (Bulgaria Sport)
Russell (W.D. & H.O. Wills British Army Boxers)
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