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Willie Hoppe (Strip Cards)
Willie Hoppe (Series of Champions)
Willie Hoppe (Champions)
Willie Hoppe (Champions)
Willie Hoppe (Willard Chocolates)
Willie Hoppe (Goudey Sport Kings)
Willie Hoppe (Champions Exhibits (1925))
Willie Hoppe (Strip Card)
Willie Lewis (Turkey Reds)
Willie Lewis (Champions)
Willie Lewis (Red Sun)
Willie Lewis (Imperial Tobacco Co.)
Willie Lewis (Honest Long Cut)
Willie MacFarlane (Spalding Champion Golf)
Willie MacFarlane (Strip Card)
Willie Meehan (Exhibits (1921))
Willie Morgan (Geo. Bassett & Co. World Cup Stars)
Willie Munden (Spalding Champion Golf)
Willie Pep (Kiddy's Favourite)
Willie Pep (Leaf Boxing)
Willie Pep (D. Cummings & Sons)
Willie Pep (Exhibits (1947-66))
Willie Pep (Topps Magic Photo)
Willie Pep (Hartford, Conn) (Exhibits (1940's))
Willie Pep-Hartford Wonder (Adventure)
Willie Ritchie (Exhibits (1921))
Willie Ritchie (Ogden's)
Willie Ritchie (Cope Brothers & Co.)
Willie Ritchie (Burstein Isaacs)
Willie Ritchie (Strip Card)
Willie Ritola (Spalding Champion Golf)
Willie Ritola (Sports Co. of America)
Willie Ritola (Champions Exhibits (1925))
Willie Smith (WA & AC Churchman-Men of the Moment)
Willie Smith (W.A. & A.C. Churchman's (Men if the Moment-Small))
Willie Spencer (Champions Exhibits (1925))
Willie Whyte (D. Cummings & Sons)
Wilma Rudolph (Hemmets Journal)
Wilma Rudolph (Topps Olympians)
Wilmer Allison (La Pie Qui Chante)
Wilmer Allison (Rogers Peet)
Wilmer L. Allison (W.D. & H.O. Wills Lawn Tennis)
Wim Snoek (A. & B.C. Chewing Gum Ltd. All Sport Series)
Winfred Rhodes (Lambert & Butler Who's Who)
With Nunchaku (Amada)
Wladek Kowalski (Parkhurst Wrestling)
Wladek Zbyszko (Spalding Champion Golf)
Wladek Zbyszko (Sports Co. of America)
Wladek Zbyszko (Strip Card)
Wm. "Bill" Fraser (Dominion Chocolate)
Wm. Beach (W. S. Kimball Champions)
Wm. H. Rothwell (Prizefighters)
Wm. Johnston (S.F. Hess)
WM. Lakeland (Allen & Ginter Racing Colors of the World)
Wm. O'Connor (S.F. Hess)
Wm. O’Connor (S.F. Hess)
Wm. Papke (Turkey Reds)
Wm. Papke (Honest Long Cut)
Wm. Ralph Dean (Gallaher LTD. Footballers )
Wm. Sheriff (Lorillard's Mechanic's Delight)
WM. Tobin (Imperial Tobacco Co.)
Wocanin (Tinghalls)
Wolcott & Gans (Philadelphia Caramel Boxing)
Wolgast & Nelson (American Caramel Boxing)
Wolgast & Nelson (Philadelphia Caramel Boxing)
Wood (Goodwin Champions)
Wood (Charles) (Goodwin Champions)
World Cup (Sportscaster (1977))
World Cup 1970 (Anglo Confectionery Ltd.)
Wrestling Headlock (Topps Magic Photo)
Wright Brothers (Topps Magic Photo)
Yachting (Buchner & Co Morning Glory Maidens)
Yale Okun (Exhibit)
Yankee Sullivan (S.F. Hess)
Yannick Noah (Panini Supersport)
Yojiro Uetake (Nestle Los Juegos Olympicos)
Yoshio Shirai (Exhibits (1947-66))
Young Ahearn (Cope Brothers & Co.)
Young Bibby (Allen & Ginter)
Young Cohen (W.D. & H.O. Wills Boxers Scissors Back)
Young Cohen (W.D. & H.O. Wills Boxers Green Stars & Circle Back Boxing)
Young Corbett (Mecca Cigarettes Boxing Silver Border)
Young Corbett (American Caramel Boxers Blue Back)
Young Corbett (Dixie Queen)
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